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SEO Based Web Design Company

Before starting your Search Engine
Optimization development there are some key feature you have to consider
prior to even selecting the first keywords. You require verifying your
website’s willingness In terms of general structure and navigation.
Your Search Engine Optimization
efforts must start with a simply navigable and reasonably laid out
website construction. If your home page has any graphics or flash
animations you may have to restructure your web Pages to make them
search engine friendly.  This is prepared by creating static HTML web
pages in position of those hard to index pages or by using other
optimization technique.
Search Engine Friendly Web Design
As a regulation of thumb, you must not
have more than 10% of text in images or flash based objects, and it’s
extremely necessary that your internal site navigation is based on
static anchor links. We will speak about this further in On Page
Optimization and why it is very important.Search Engine Optimization
works best with statically linked websites. While the Search Engine
spiders have better a great arrangement since the days of their first
appearance, various Spiders still cannot constantly index dynamically
linked pages such PHP, ASP and Java script with “?” or session IDs
embedded in them.